Ireland in the Second World War

When the United Kingdom declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, Ireland, despite being still technically a dominion of the United Kingdom, elected to stay out of the war, choosing instead to remain neutral, the only member of the British Commonwealth to do so. Neutrality offered both advantages and challenges, and the choice is still controversial today. The History Guy recalls the unique position of Ireland during the Second World War.

The Real Count of Monte Cristo: Thomas Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas wrote some of the most widely-read books of all time, among them “The Three Musketeers” and the “Count of Monte Christo”. Lesser known is that some of his most famous characters were inspired by his father, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. The History Guy recalls the forgotten story of the man who inspired some of literature’s greatest adventure heroes.

The Age of the Pyramid Builders

More than 4500 years ago, Ancient Egypt came to a height for the first time during the Old Kingdom period. This period saw the development of much of what we now think of as Ancient Egyptian, including the idea of a divine king, the use of hieroglyphics, and the construction of Pyramids. Also known as the “Age of the Pyramid Builders”, the Old Kingdom saw some of the greatest monuments ever built by man.

The Kefauver Committee and Organized Crime

In 1950, freshman U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver took the stage against organized crime, at the head of a special committee. The Kefauver hearings, as they became known, were held in major cities across the country. The ones that were televised live became a sensation, and were how much of the country heard about the mob for the first time. The Kefauver Committee is history that deserves to be remembered.