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The History Guy

If you love history, this is the YouTube channel for you! The History Guy creates stories of forgotten history all between five and fifteen minutes long.


Lance Geiger is The History Guy on YouTube. Topics range from aviation history to forgotten battles, historical figures, and more from around the world.

Episodes are posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

I have always loved history. I believe that history does not have to be boring. At its heart, history is story telling, and I believe that it should be told with passion and genuine love for the material. History might be tragic, it might be comic, but it is the story of who we are, and we should not be afraid to enjoy that story, and be moved by it.

I live in the American Midwest, talk too fast but am working on that, and tie my own bow ties. Yes, the hats in the background of all the videos are mine.


I believe that history does not have to be boring.

Lance Geiger

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“The most common question I get is, ‘Do you wear pants?’ And the answer is, ‘yes,’” he said. “I will never do an episode in my underwear.”

Belleville News Democrat

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Before starting his YouTube channel, Lance worked as a University teacher and in corporate training. He decided to start his channel after he was laid off from a corporate job.

“I had some money and time, and decided I didn’t want to go back to the same old cubicle world. I had always enjoyed telling stories about history, and YouTube seemed like a good place for a short documentary platform.”

Neverthink interview

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Peter Suciu of Forbes magazine invites all lovers of history to view these YouTube channels. You may recognize one of the names in the list at this link. https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2020/02/24/influencing-history-on-youtube

Scroll down to the “Notable People” section of the O’Fallon, Illinois Wikipedia page here

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Heidi Wiechert is The History Guy’s wife and goes by Ms. History Guy. She and Lance live in Illinois with their daughter Willow and three cats; Demi, Pookie, and Lucky Star who goes by Kitten.

Ms. History Guy is a former librarian who reads and writes prolifically. When she isn’t busy with The History Guy channel, she publishes her reviews on Goodreads as Heidi the Reader.

Carolyn Howk is Ms. History Guy’s sister and the business manager of The History Guy, LLC. She joined the team in January of 2020 and is looking forward to sharing the excitement of the channel.

If you have an opportunity to share with The History Guy, such as speaking engagements or rides in tanks or aircraft carriers, please email Carolyn at Business@thehistoryguy.net