The Adventures of William Hall, VC

One extraordinary illustration of the breadth and diversity of the British empire is the fact that the first Black man to be awarded the Victoria Cross was a Canadian child of former American slaves fighting in India. The History Guy recalls a story of adventure in the Age of Empire.

John Laurens: Forgotten Patriot

A close associate of both Washington and Hamilton, in his short life John Laurens was both an accomplished diplomat and soldier. But he is nearly forgotten because he did what many other, more famous, patriots did not. He died for the cause. The History Guy recalls the man of whom Washington said “he had not a fault that I ever could discover.”

The Rise and Fall of Sparta

Sparta held undisputed the position of the strongest city in Greece, only to be toppled suddenly and decisively. The very things that had given them their strength would bring them down. The History Guy recalls the surprisingly fast decline of a powerful city-state with a legendary reputation. For 10% off MOVA Globes, go to and use code HISTORY

The Exploits and Ailments of Sir Evelyn Wood

Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood was the type of officer upon whom the growth and maintenance of the British Empire depended. Nearly suicidally brave, he distinguished himself in numerous conflicts of the Victorian era, despite chronically suffering “face-ache.” From being stepped on by a giraffe to being bitten by a horse and a literal nail in his heart, Sir Evelyn Wood persevered to become one of the most famous officers of his era.

The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and Early Paleontology

Humans have been discovering fossils for thousands of years, but the field of paleontology only started in the nineteenth century. Early paleontology was highly contentious as scientists argued over what the fossils meant, and what the creatures might have looked like. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of early paleontology in England and the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs that introduced the new field, and ancient creatures, to the people of London.