Soapy Smith: A Very Bad Man

Jefferson “Soapy” Smith was one of the most skilled, and infamous, confidence men in United States history. He was “so dirty he made a crime out of soap”. His life of crime is a ripping yarn and a cautionary tale that deserves to be remembered.


1781 Battle of Jersey

Most Americans don’t seem to realize that the American Revolution sparked a broader war that engulfed the world, not just in North America, but in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, India, and the island of Jersey. The 1781 Battle of Jersey only lasted about half an hour, but it represented the breadth of the empire that Britain had to protect. The competing needs of the empire helped America win its independence.

A History of Time Zones

Today we use time zones to standardize the clock from place to place, but for most of history that difference was merely relative, and never exact. It wasn’t until relatively recently that anyone made an effort to standardize time with a set of rules. The History Guy recalls the forgotten story of how the world developed a system of uniform standard time.

The Don Lee Broadcasting System

We all know the big three U.S. television networks: NBC, ABC and CBS, but one nearly forgotten early network was ahead of them all. Many early television firsts came from an experimental Los Angeles station owned by a car dealer and run by a genius engineer. The independent streak of the Don Lee Broadcasting System was the forerunner to the golden age of television. It is history that deserves to be remembered.