Civil Defense All Purpose Survival Crackers

There was a time when the US Government planned to save the population from nuclear war with 20 billion crackers. The giant tins of “Civil defense All Purpose Survival Crackers” raise questions about food, history, and how long food lasts before it becomes history. The History Guy recalls the history of a famous item on his set.

The Kefauver Committee and Organized Crime

In 1950, freshman U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver took the stage against organized crime, at the head of a special committee. The Kefauver hearings, as they became known, were held in major cities across the country. The ones that were televised live became a sensation, and were how much of the country heard about the mob for the first time. The Kefauver Committee is history that deserves to be remembered.

The Madness of King Ludwig II

Ludwig II of Bavaria was, by any standard, eccentric. He built fairy-tale castles in the nineteenth century, had imaginary conversations with Marie Antoinette, and liked poetry more than politicians. But whether he was actually mad was a mystery, as were the circumstances of his death. And his legacy has long outlived him. The History Guy recalls the mystery and tragedy of Mad King Ludwig.

The Rise and Fall of Sparta

Sparta held undisputed the position of the strongest city in Greece, only to be toppled suddenly and decisively. The very things that had given them their strength would bring them down. The History Guy recalls the surprisingly fast decline of a powerful city-state with a legendary reputation. For 10% off MOVA Globes, go to and use code HISTORY

The Exploits and Ailments of Sir Evelyn Wood

Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood was the type of officer upon whom the growth and maintenance of the British Empire depended. Nearly suicidally brave, he distinguished himself in numerous conflicts of the Victorian era, despite chronically suffering “face-ache.” From being stepped on by a giraffe to being bitten by a horse and a literal nail in his heart, Sir Evelyn Wood persevered to become one of the most famous officers of his era.