John Hay: The Most Important Person You Have Never Heard Of

John Hay was President Lincoln’s personal secretary, a position that began nearly five decades of public service. A diplomat who served multiple Administrations from Lincoln to Roosevelt, he was a central figure in defining the U.S. foreign policy that would be the basis of the United States role on the world stage in the twentieth century.


The King James Version: Translating the World’s Most Popular Book.

The Holy Bible is the most read, and one of the most influential, books in world history. But the choice of what to include, and translating ancient words into modern languages, created many pitfalls, and even including a “wicked bible.” The History Guy recalls the convoluted path from Galilee to English translations of the world’s most popular book.

Tiger 131 and the Battle at Guriat el Atach

In April 1943, troops of the British First Army captured a German Tiger tank virtually intact. It was the first operable Tiger tank captured by the British. But the details of its capture, and the battle in which it was captured, are still mysterious. The History Guy recalls the forgotten battle at Guriat el Atach.

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