Medina Modification Center Explosion, November 13, 1963

On November 13, 1963 not just one, but several, nuclear assemblies exploded at a facility that was decommissioning outdated weapons near San Antonio, Texas. The explosion was so large that some people thought the US and the Soviet Union had gone to war.

One thought on “Medina Modification Center Explosion, November 13, 1963

  1. Appreciate your presentation on the Medina site incident, also the “don’t go lookie-loo” around nuclear explosion sites. However, even into the 1980’s and I suppose till today, there are some poor sods who are required to go in there with the old “Mk 1” eyeball and see what’s left.

    In 1982, I was assigned as a guard at a nuclear weapon storage site overseas. One of the possibilities that we trained for was the “Emergency Destruction” of the site to prevent capture. After rigging the charges we were supposed to pull back to a “safe” distance about a mile away and wait for the explosions. After that some selected individuals were supposed to go back and look through the mess to be sure all of the weapons were destroyed.

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