Reinheitsgebot: Bavarian Beer Laws

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There are more than 8200 craft breweries in the United States. But it is a strange irony of the history of beer that, in sixteenth century Bavaria, such adulterations of brew were banned in a proclamation that still affects the industry today. The 1516 Reinheitsgebot, or “beer purity law,” deserves to be remembered.

Mother’s Day and Forgotten History

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis wanted to aid the mothers of Taylor County, West Virginia. Her life story drove her daughter to champion the cause of making an official day to celebrate mothers. It is history that deserves to be remembered!

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Up in Lights: The History of Neon

For years in the early twentieth century there was one kind of light that dominated above all else: Neon.

Where Legend Meets History, Remembering the Real Lone Ranger

The legends and mythology that originated in the American West have captured the imagination of generations. Some of those stories have actual historical figures as their inspiration. The History Guy remembers Bass Reeves, John Reynolds Hughes, and more forgotten history of the Wild West.

It is history that deserves to be remembered!

The Great Guns of the Siege of Kimberley

In their initial offensive of the Second Anglo-Boer War, the Boer armies quickly overran parts of the British territories of Natal and Cape Colony, besieging three strategically important towns. The defense of the Cape Colony city of Kimberly resulted in a surprising arms race and the employment of unique, and startlingly large for the era, pieces of artillery.

Canada, the Great War, and Flanders Fields

Canadians would distinguish themselves in the Great War, and the words of Canadian John McCrae would come to, perhaps more than any other, encapsulate the sacrifices of the soldiers of that war. The story of one of the most important poems about war ever written deserves to be remembered.

Loch Ness Outdone: Rediscovery of the Coelacanth

In 1938 a fisherman in South Africa caught a fish thought to have been extinct for more than fifty million years. The amazing discovery shocked and thrilled the world, challenged our understanding of species and evolution, and gave new meaning to the term “forgotten history.”

Taffy Holden, the Accidental Lightning Pilot

In the United Kingdom in 1966, an RAF ground crewman conducting an electrical test suddenly finds himself airborne. Taffy Holden, the accidental Lightning pilot, deserves to be remembered.

The History of Orthodontics

A 2013 study commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists found that more than a third of Americans are unhappy with their smile. But the quest for straighter teeth isn’t just a modern one, as the history of humans trying to correct malpositioned teeth goes back to antiquity. The surprisingly long history of orthodontics is history that deserves to be remembered.