Pandemic and 1918: How History and Illness Intertwine

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic was the deadliest in human history. But the virus was a part of the historical events of the time. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of how the events of 1918 shaped, and were shaped by, the pandemic. It is history that deserves to be remembered.

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  1. I studied the first special service force (the devil’s brigade) in achieving my master’s in European WWII history. Some of the soldiers in the FSSF carried a nasty-looking knife that was apparently so balanced it could be self-standing. It was double-ended to stab and get an enemy coming upon the soldier from behind. The soldiers were given their weapons when the FSSF disbanded to the Battle of the may already know that the FSSF slapped stickers on the throats of enemy soldiers they sliced that read “Das dicke ent kommet nacht” or “The worst is yet to come.” Please do an episide on the FSSF that trained at Fort William Henry Harrison in Helena, Mt. L

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