Soapy Smith: A Very Bad Man

Jefferson “Soapy” Smith was one of the most skilled, and infamous, confidence men in United States history. He was “so dirty he made a crime out of soap”. His life of crime is a ripping yarn and a cautionary tale that deserves to be remembered.

One thought on “Soapy Smith: A Very Bad Man

  1. Love your work and I have always loved history. My father would share a little of his life from 1937 thru 1957.
    Dad escaped from Czechoslovakia around 1939. He was able to make it to Palestine and become a cop in Jerusalem, at the direction of the Haganah. My main point is Dad fought with the Free Czech Division of the British 8th Army from Tobruk until the liberation of Prague.
    I would to know more of that outfit.
    As you may gather, I have a dozen more stories filling in that time period. Oh btw, he escaped from Czechoslovakia a second time when Stalin took control. This is how I was born in Bolivia in 1950
    If you would like to know more, I would be happy to share it.
    Thank you for all your work

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