Civil Defense All Purpose Survival Crackers

There was a time when the US Government planned to save the population from nuclear war with 20 billion crackers. The giant tins of “Civil defense All Purpose Survival Crackers” raise questions about food, history, and how long food lasts before it becomes history. The History Guy recalls the history of a famous item on his set.

One thought on “Civil Defense All Purpose Survival Crackers

  1. Aloha History Guy and Gal,
    Because of finding ‘no joy’, at trying to locate the ‘kegs’ of honey that remained at the base in Antarctica for the Scot Expiation, I turn to you.
    Since honey not only reminds food safe if it’s still sealed, it also contains the pollen of the plant or tree it was harvested from. I’d love to get a hold of it for such testing. To try to see the change of the nectar sources of more than 100 years ago of the US mainland.
    Myself, since becoming a beekeeper, have not been sick, got the flu, or had a fever for the last 25+ years. To get a hold of honey from before the last Pandemic and test it, might revel health benefits for us, in this time, with this round of Pandemic troubles.
    Is there any resource I should check to uncover this long lost honey? Is it just down there at the ‘base camp’ for over 100 years? The wooden kegs, if intact, should still be pure as the day they were filled.

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