Ancient Explorers: Hanno, Himilco, and Pytheas

Some 2000 years before the Age of Exploration, maritime traders of the Mediterranean had begun spreading their fleets further than ever before, making some of the first recorded journeys to the western coast of Africa, Britain, and the arctic circle. The voyages of Hanno, Himilco and Pytheas are history that deserves to be remembered.

The Age of the Pyramid Builders

More than 4500 years ago, Ancient Egypt came to a height for the first time during the Old Kingdom period. This period saw the development of much of what we now think of as Ancient Egyptian, including the idea of a divine king, the use of hieroglyphics, and the construction of Pyramids. Also known asContinue reading “The Age of the Pyramid Builders”

The Rise and Fall of Sparta

Sparta held undisputed the position of the strongest city in Greece, only to be toppled suddenly and decisively. The very things that had given them their strength would bring them down. The History Guy recalls the surprisingly fast decline of a powerful city-state with a legendary reputation. For 10% off MOVA Globes, go to reading “The Rise and Fall of Sparta”

Merlin’s Stones: The History of the History of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an iconic image of the British Isles. The monument is so ancient that the study of its history is ancient history. The History Guy reveals the surprisingly long history of the search for the meaning of perhaps the world’s most famous neolithic monument.

Boudica: The Woman Behind the Legend

Boudica of the Iceni has become a British folk heroine for her dramatic, but brief, stand against the might of the Roman Empire. But all we know of Boudica comes from two Roman historians. The History Guy tries to disentangle legend from history in “Boudica: The Woman Behind the Legend”.

Alexander’s Defeat: Mutiny on the Hyphasis

Alexander the Great never lost a battle when he was in command, but there was an obstacle that even he could not overcome: his own men. The History guy recalls when Alexander’s Macedonian soldiers decided the extent of Alexander’s empire.