Just Nuisance of the Royal Navy

Just Nuisance, a Great Dane of remarkable size and legendary appetite, was the only dog ever to be officially enlisted into the Royal Navy. He was beloved of sailors in the greater Cape Town, South Africa area. This special episode of The History Guy features pictures of viewers’ dogs. Special thank you to Adam Boyko,Continue reading “Just Nuisance of the Royal Navy”

History and Housecats, a tale of Civilization

When talking about technological advances in human history, few are as important to sea-faring trade (and modern social media) as the domestication of ‘felis catus’. The History Guy remembers the forgotten history of house cats, who may be more important to civilization than you ever imagined.

Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War

The History Guy remembers Timothy the tortoise, the last survivor of the Crimean War, and shows that wisdom comes with age. Her life is history that deserves to be remembered. The episode discusses events and shows some artwork and photographs depicting a periods of war, which some viewers may find disturbing. All events are describedContinue reading “Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War”

Mercy Dogs of the Great War

Dogs have accompanied men into war probably for most of human history, but WWI was the first war where they were used in an official and broad capacity to find the wounded. Mercy dogs, also known as casualty dogs, or ambulance dogs, served on all sides of WWI, and saved thousands of lives. It isContinue reading “Mercy Dogs of the Great War”

Pere David’s Deer

The Milu, otherwise known as “Pere David’s Deer,” has been threatened by expanding civilization, war, and natural disaster, and yet has managed a remarkable story of survival. The History Guy recalls the forgotten story of a species whose fate was inextricably intertwined with human history.