The Adventures of William Hall, VC

One extraordinary illustration of the breadth and diversity of the British empire is the fact that the first Black man to be awarded the Victoria Cross was a Canadian child of former American slaves fighting in India. The History Guy recalls a story of adventure in the Age of Empire.

The Exploits and Ailments of Sir Evelyn Wood

Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood was the type of officer upon whom the growth and maintenance of the British Empire depended. Nearly suicidally brave, he distinguished himself in numerous conflicts of the Victorian era, despite chronically suffering “face-ache.” From being stepped on by a giraffe to being bitten by a horse and a literal nailContinue reading “The Exploits and Ailments of Sir Evelyn Wood”

Regimental Headdress and the Royal Corps of Signals

British regiments have a lot of history, and that shows in each regiment’s regimental headdress. The History Guy talks about caps in the British Army, and recalls the forgotten history of the 100-year-old Royal Corps of Signals.

Hedingham Castle and the History of Essex

Essex was one of the Seven Kingdoms of Anglo Saxon England. The Castle at Hedingham, the best preserved Norman Keep in England, helps to tell the story of Essex and the Earls of Oxford. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of a great family and the 12th century keep you can still visit.

The Destruction of John Evelyn’s Garden

#OnThisDay, February 8 in 1725, Peter I, Emperor of Russia, also known as Peter the Great died. John Evelyn had a beautiful house and extensive gardens. Then, the Tsar of Russia came visiting. The History Guy remembers how what happened next eventually led to the invention of the National Trust.