The 3 a.m. call and the 1979 NORAD Alert

The History Guy remembers the 3 a.m. call of the 1979 NORAD alert at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, during the Cold War. It is history that deserves to be remembered.

When the USS Kitty Hawk collided with a Soviet submarine.

In 1984, during a period of Cold War tension, a Soviet submarine collided with a United States aircraft carrier. The History Guy remembers the 1984 USS Kitty Hawk Collision. This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As images of actualContinue reading “When the USS Kitty Hawk collided with a Soviet submarine.”

Missiles over Mexico: A Cold War Story

In the decades following the Second World War, missiles of all kinds would come to dominate military technology, and that would produce an unexpected threat… to Mexico. The US missiles that blundered across the southern border during the cold war are history that deserves to be remembered.

Medina Modification Center Explosion, November 13, 1963

On November 13, 1963 not just one, but several, nuclear assemblies exploded at a facility that was decommissioning outdated weapons near San Antonio, Texas. The explosion was so large that some people thought the US and the Soviet Union had gone to war.

Johnston Atoll, Island of the Cold War

Some 750 miles from Hawaii, tiny Johnston Atoll was developed into an airbase and seaplane base during the Second World War. After the war, the developed facilities on a remote base put Johnston at the center of Cold War programs from nuclear tests to spy satellites to storing leftover chemical weapons. The History Guy recallsContinue reading “Johnston Atoll, Island of the Cold War”

1960 New Jersey BOMARC Missile Fire

When the Soviet Union acquired nuclear weapons, the United States decided to field nuclear surface to air missiles to defend against Soviet bombers. Less than a year after being deployed, one of those missiles caught fire and exploded in rural New Jersey. The History Guy recalls a forgotten accident that occurred at the height ofContinue reading “1960 New Jersey BOMARC Missile Fire”

In Stalin’s Shadow

When 85-year-old Lana Peters passed away in 2011 from complications due to colon cancer, the nation seemed to have forgotten the woman who had become a sensation during the Cold War. The History Guy recalls the extraordinary life of the woman whose defection to the United States represented a seminal moment in history.

1960 Invasion of Great Swan Island

In 1960 the Swan Islands, 95 miles from Honduras, were disputed territory, and the front lines of the Cold War. In a History Guy Short episode, the History Guy recalls how the CIA prevented a crisis by offering free beer.