Vitus Bering and the European Discovery of Alaska

It wasn’t until the 18th century that Russia decided to explore their Pacific coast, sending a Danish explorer to map the furthest reaches of their dominion, and determine whether or not Asia and the Americas were connected. That Danish explorer’s name was very nearly lost to history, and while you might recognize his name today,Continue reading “Vitus Bering and the European Discovery of Alaska”

Erik the Red and Viking Greenland

Erik the Red is one of the most famous historical Norsemen today. His life was in some way that of a typical ‘Viking’, but ultimately he established for himself and his family a famous reputation. He led the first permanent settlements of Greenland, and indirectly the earliest recorded landing on American shores.

The Adventures of Marco Polo

When asked about Marco Polo, people today are more familiar with the game of tag played in a swimming pool than the thirteenth century explorer. But the book,”The Travels of Marco Polo” opened Europe’s eyes to the Great Mongol Empire. The History Guy recalls the amazing adventures of a man whose travels inspired the AgeContinue reading “The Adventures of Marco Polo”