Robert Wadlow, The Tallest Man in History

Robert Wadlow, the “Alton Giant,” was the opposite of what fairy tales say a giant should be. His astonishing height still holds the world record for the tallest man in recorded history. The History Guy remembers an extraordinary man and his extraordinary life! Visit the Alton Museum of History and Art. Featuring a specialContinue reading “Robert Wadlow, The Tallest Man in History”

Where Legend Meets History, Remembering the Real Lone Ranger

The legends and mythology that originated in the American West have captured the imagination of generations. Some of those stories have actual historical figures as their inspiration. The History Guy remembers Bass Reeves, John Reynolds Hughes, and more forgotten history of the Wild West. It is history that deserves to be remembered!

Yip Harburg: Forgotten Lyricist of ‘Over the Rainbow’

Edgar “Yip” Harburg wrote the lyric for “Over the Rainbow”, one of the most beloved movie film songs of all time. Yet so few people remember his name. The History Guy remembers the life and legacy of Harburg, the man who also wrote the lyric for the song considered the anthem of the Great Depression.Continue reading “Yip Harburg: Forgotten Lyricist of ‘Over the Rainbow’”

Horace de Vere Cole, The Sultan of Pranks

The History Guy remembers Horace de Vere Cole, “The Sultan of Pranks”, and the Bloomsbury Group who helped society adapt to modernization through jokes, pranks and the most epic catchphrase of all time. Bunga-bunga!

James “Doc” McFadden and the Hurricane Hunters

Deliberately flying an airplane into a hurricane might seem crazy. Deliberately flying a plane into a hurricane for the purpose of research, to better understand, and thus better prepare people, for the hurricane’s wrath might seem heroic. Doing that nearly six hundred times in a career spanning more than five decades, might just make youContinue reading “James “Doc” McFadden and the Hurricane Hunters”

Killer Miller, Cowboy Hitman

The History Guy remembers Jim “Killer” Miller, also called “the cowboy hitman” and possibly the worst man in the Wild West. The episode does discuss acts of violence in the American West. All events are described for educational purposes and are presented in historical context. The History Guy uses images that are in the PublicContinue reading “Killer Miller, Cowboy Hitman”

Father of Modern Physics: James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell’s name is not as well known as Newton or Einstein, yet his discoveries were transformative. The History Guy recalls the life of Scottish Scientist James Clerk Maxwell, whom astronomer Carl Sagan said “has done more to shape our civilization than any ten recent presidents and prime ministers.”

The Fiancée of Danger

Marie Marvingt led an extraordinary life of record setting adventure.  An athlete in too many sports to count,  the French Academy of Sport finally just awarded her a gold medal “in all sports.”  A mountain climber, a journalist, a soldier, she was the worlds first flight nurse and the world’s first female combat pilot.   TheContinue reading “The Fiancée of Danger”

Thomas Ward Custer and the Medal of Honor

#OnThisDay April 15th in 1845, Thomas Ward Custer was born. Overshadowed by his older brother, the military career of the first soldier to be twice awarded the Medal of Honor deserves to be remembered.