Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War

The History Guy remembers Timothy the tortoise, the last survivor of the Crimean War, and shows that wisdom comes with age. Her life is history that deserves to be remembered. The episode discusses events and shows some artwork and photographs depicting a periods of war, which some viewers may find disturbing. All events are describedContinue reading “Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War”

Horace de Vere Cole, The Sultan of Pranks

The History Guy remembers Horace de Vere Cole, “The Sultan of Pranks”, and the Bloomsbury Group who helped society adapt to modernization through jokes, pranks and the most epic catchphrase of all time. Bunga-bunga!

Merlin’s Stones: The History of the History of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an iconic image of the British Isles. The monument is so ancient that the study of its history is ancient history. The History Guy reveals the surprisingly long history of the search for the meaning of perhaps the world’s most famous neolithic monument.