The Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, Utah

The History Guy examines the unique role of Utah and the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot in the war in the Pacific.

Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War

The History Guy remembers Timothy the tortoise, the last survivor of the Crimean War, and shows that wisdom comes with age. Her life is history that deserves to be remembered. The episode discusses events and shows some artwork and photographs depicting a periods of war, which some viewers may find disturbing. All events are describedContinue reading “Through the Eyes of Timothy, The last survivor of the Crimean War”

Shōkaku and Cavalla, a Confrontation of the WWII Pacific Theater

In June 1944, one of the largest, most modern and most important ships in the Imperial Japanese Navy, Shōkaku, encountered a US submarine, Cavalla, out on its first patrol. The History Guy remembers a WWII confrontation in the Pacific Theater. It is history that deserves to be remembered.

When the USS Kitty Hawk collided with a Soviet submarine.

In 1984, during a period of Cold War tension, a Soviet submarine collided with a United States aircraft carrier. The History Guy remembers the 1984 USS Kitty Hawk Collision. This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As images of actualContinue reading “When the USS Kitty Hawk collided with a Soviet submarine.”

USS Alliance and the Last Battle of the American Revolution

More than two years after land operations had ceased, and six month before the Treaty of Paris was signed a little remembered battle off the Florida Coast saved the republic and cemented the reputation of the “Father of the United States Navy.” The last battle of the American Revolution deserves to be remembered.

Three Stories of the Dreaded “88.”

Of all the German weapons of the second world war, perhaps none was more feared by allied troops than the dreaded “88.” The gun, of which tens of thousands were produced, and used on all fronts throughout the war, resulted in some particularly compelling stories. These are three accounts of the effectiveness of the 8.8Continue reading “Three Stories of the Dreaded “88.””

The Great War, USS Texas, and the Grand Fleet

USS Texas saw important service during the Second World War, including the Normandy Invasion. But the ship’s much less remembered service with the Allied Grand Fleet during the Great War reminds us that sometimes the most important battle is the one you do not have to fight.

Mercy Dogs of the Great War

Dogs have accompanied men into war probably for most of human history, but WWI was the first war where they were used in an official and broad capacity to find the wounded. Mercy dogs, also known as casualty dogs, or ambulance dogs, served on all sides of WWI, and saved thousands of lives. It isContinue reading “Mercy Dogs of the Great War”

Bugles in Military History

One of the items from the History guy set that has gotten the most attention for viewers is the bugle, which hangs on the wall. This bugle in b-flat brings to mind the interesting history of the instrument and how bugles have been used on the battlefield. Their origins are ancient, but they are stillContinue reading “Bugles in Military History”