Arch Pirate Henry Every

There was one pirate in history who successfully captured possibly the world’s most valuable pirate haul ever. And then… he disappeared. Perhaps the only thing better than a story involving pirates, is one in which the legend lives on.

Empires, Pirates, and Jenkins’ ear

On this date, April 9, 1731, a war, which came as the result of a war which was, itself the result of a war, found casus belli in the form of traumatic auriculectomy. It is a story of empires, great navies, pirates- because all great stories include pirates- and perhaps the most famous ear removalContinue reading “Empires, Pirates, and Jenkins’ ear”

The Edelweiss Pirates and WWII

Long before the start of World War II, there was a significant amount of resistance to the Nazi regime in Germany among the nation’s youth, including the colorfully named Edelweiss Pirates. It is history that deserves to be remembered.