The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and Early Paleontology

Humans have been discovering fossils for thousands of years, but the field of paleontology only started in the nineteenth century. Early paleontology was highly contentious as scientists argued over what the fossils meant, and what the creatures might have looked like. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of early paleontology in England and theContinue reading “The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and Early Paleontology”

Father of Modern Physics: James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell’s name is not as well known as Newton or Einstein, yet his discoveries were transformative. The History Guy recalls the life of Scottish Scientist James Clerk Maxwell, whom astronomer Carl Sagan said “has done more to shape our civilization than any ten recent presidents and prime ministers.”

Chasing the 1973 Total Eclipse

In 1973, the combination of a total solar eclipse with an exceptionally long duration and the new Concorde supersonic transport allowed an unprecedented scientific opportunity. The History Guy recalls when a group of scientists chased the moon’s shadow in an experimental plane. It is history that deserves to be remembered.