Canada, the Great War, and Flanders Fields

Canadians would distinguish themselves in the Great War, and the words of Canadian John McCrae would come to, perhaps more than any other, encapsulate the sacrifices of the soldiers of that war. The story of one of the most important poems about war ever written deserves to be remembered.

Mercy Dogs of the Great War

Dogs have accompanied men into war probably for most of human history, but WWI was the first war where they were used in an official and broad capacity to find the wounded. Mercy dogs, also known as casualty dogs, or ambulance dogs, served on all sides of WWI, and saved thousands of lives. It isContinue reading “Mercy Dogs of the Great War”

Italy and the Great War

Italy declared war on Germany on August 28, 1916, fifteen months after declaring war on Austria. The strange story of how Italy came to join the Entente, and why they took so long to declare war on Germany, illustrates the complexity of the conflict and the differing motivations of the nations involved. The History GuyContinue reading “Italy and the Great War”

SMS Cap Trafalgar vs RMS Carmania, September 14, 1914

In the run up to the First World War, many ocean liners were designed so that they could be easily converted to auxiliary cruisers. Two such vessels met off the coast of Brazil in September of 1914. The History Guy recalls the first naval battle between ocean liners.

Mephisto and the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux

The Second battle of Villers-Bretonneux represented a critical turning point in the Great War. While most fans of military history recall the first battle between tanks, the fate of the A7V “Mephisto” tells the story of tank warfare in the First World War. The History Guy recalls the story of the only surviving A7V.

Pandemic and 1918: How History and Illness Intertwine

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic was the deadliest in human history. But the virus was a part of the historical events of the time. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of how the events of 1918 shaped, and were shaped by, the pandemic. It is history that deserves to be remembered.