RAF Coastal Command vs U-Boats

The contest between aircraft and U-Boats during the Second World War was one of competing technological innovations, culminating with a decisive struggle in the summer of 1943. The History Guy tells the forgotten story of the development of anti-submarine warfare and the contest between the aircraft of RAF Coastal Command and U-Boats of the Kriegsmarine in the Bay of Biscay.

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek and the Fight for Missouri

While the Battle of Bull Run, also called the Battle on Manassas- the first major battle of the U.S. Civil War- is well known, the second major battle of the war is nearly forgotten. The Battle of Wilson’s Creek was the first major battle of the war fought west of the Mississippi and represented the conflicted loyalties of the border states. The History Guy recalls a little remembered battle over control of Missouri.

Lockheed SR-71s of the Baltic Express

The Lockheed SR-71 was one of the most extreme aircraft ever flown. But its extreme engineering also meant that the plane could face operational problems. SR-71s flying reconnaissance flights in the dangerous airspace of the far northwest of the Soviet Union faced mechanical failures and political risks. The dramatic stories of the SR-71s flying the “Baltic express” deserve to be remembered.

Constance Markievicz and The Fight for Irish Independence

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An Irish painter and socialite, Countess Constance Markievicz’s dedication to the cause and support of the poor drew both accolades and censures. She fought for suffrage, campaigned against Winston Churchill and took up arms for her cause in the Easter Rising, which would lead directly into Ireland’s fight for independence. Her life and actions are history that deserves to be remembered.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: A Brief History of Tires

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One of the most basic pieces of the modern vehicle, tires are something that most people use on a regular basis, and have become so omnipresent that they rarely elicit any consideration, except perhaps when one goes flat. But the history of the tire goes back thousands of years, and has played an out-sized role in the story of human civilization. The History Guy recalls the forgotten history of tires.