A Rooftop Murder: Stanford White, Henry Thaw, and the Trial of the Century

On June 25th, 1906, many New York City socialites were attending the theatrical premier of “Mam’zelle Champagne” at Madison Square Garden. One member of the audience was Stanford White, a prolific and famous architect. During the show’s final number White was approached by Henry Thaw, a multi-millionaire and son of a coal and railroad baron.Continue reading “A Rooftop Murder: Stanford White, Henry Thaw, and the Trial of the Century”

The Hillsville Massacre of 1912

The frontier culture meets civilization in rural Virginia. In 1912, a misplaced kiss set off a string of events that pitted a powerful frontier clan against their political rivals and concepts of modern justice. The events that followed, the Hillsville Massacre or the Courthouse Tragedy, shocked and captivated the nation.

The 1831 City Bank of New York Robbery

Sometime between when First Teller Lancaster S Burling locked up the vault in the City Bank of New York on Saturday, March 19, 1831 and when he opened the bank on Monday, someone entered the vault and stole the astounding sum of $240,000. It was not, as some newspapers at the time asserted, the firstContinue reading “The 1831 City Bank of New York Robbery”

The Mad Trapper of the Rat River

The day after Christmas in 1931, a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police went to check on a man named Albert Johnson on suspicion that he was trapping without a license. The confrontation that followed would leave a fiery standoff, an epic manhunt, and an enduring mystery. The History Guy recalls the strange storyContinue reading “The Mad Trapper of the Rat River”