Task Force 45 and the Italian Campaign

Created from AAA units in order to fill a desperate need for riflemen, though it would only operate for a few months of bitter fighting, Task Force 45 must be considered to be one of the most peculiar allied fighting units of the second world war.

Ireland in the Second World War

When the United Kingdom declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, Ireland, despite being still technically a dominion of the United Kingdom, elected to stay out of the war, choosing instead to remain neutral, the only member of the British Commonwealth to do so. Neutrality offered both advantages and challenges, and the choice is still controversial today. The History Guy recalls the unique position of Ireland during the Second World War.

Nortraship: The Norwegian Fleet and WWII

Germany invaded Norway in April 1940, and defeated the Nordic nation in a 62-day campaign. But Norwegians continued to serve the Allied cause throughout the war. One of the least remembered, most important, and most unique roles was not about strength of arms, but about gross tonnage. The History Guy remembers the critical role played by “the largest shipping company in the world.”