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  1. You like hats, I like socks. Socks have not always been around except maybe by the rich. Socks are a fairly new piece of clothing in history, ( I’m assuming ). They are a true luxury.

  2. I would like to see you do a video on YouTube about the SS Mayagüez incident of 1975. I was in the squadron “patrol squadron 17” that found the ship. The locating aircraft got a hole shot in its tail for their trouble. kind of an obscure little known part of history that deserves to be remembered. Thank you.

  3. I would love it if you would do a video about St. Kathrin’s Refuge Camp/the poor Palatines. (I have an ancestral line that came through there.)

  4. I would like to suggest a video topic on the Paddle Wheel Aircraft Carriers of the Great Lakes. I heard stories about them and looked them up on wiki but there has to be more. Even President Bush (41) trained on at least one of them.

  5. I would love to hear stories about Native leaders in America. A favorite historical character of mine is Mary Seacole. I would love to hear your take.

  6. I would like to see a history of roads . Example
    Rt 15 va. Md. Pa. Blue gray highway .
    Events along , historical significance actual construction history, from horse path to highway .
    , rt31 in NJ Trenton to Oxford
    Lots of revaluationary war history .

    Dc beltway 495
    Baltimore beltway 695
    Interstates 80 , 30,4o,95,
    Pa rt 61 schuylkill country, anthracite coal

    Love the channel

  7. My dad was born in 1913 and will be 107 January 28th 2020. He has told me about a railroad hiring Civil War veterans to ride in a car with drop down canvas sides. There was someone who worked for the railroad and knew about when there were shipments of money and valuables and arranged a robbery. The railroad figured out who it was and arranged a false shipment and had the veterans ready for an ambush. They waited until the robbers were in range and dropped the sides down and killed a bunch of them. That pretty much stopped the robberies. Don’t know where this happened but was not long after the civil war. He has lots of stories to tell. Remembers seeing the troop trains bringing the boys home after WW 1 and seeing and hearing the celebrations.

  8. I love your channel!
    My Father was in the Army Air Corps in WW2 and was stationed in Cuba. I was never able to find out much about why they were there and what the mission was. They had some PBYs there which I assume were for patrol. Also they had the B17.
    Any info and maybe a video on the subject would be great. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Hello history guy. Love your videos. How about an episode on the USS Enterprise running aground in San Francisco harbor. I was on board. Thanks so much

  10. How about an episode about Henry Tandey? The WWI British soldier who had Hitler in his sights dead to rights and spared him.

  11. History that deserves to be remembered.

    I read the story of the USS New Orleans when I was working on the new USS New Oleans (LPD 18) in New Orleans. The USS New Orleans in WW2 escorted the USS Enterprise on most of her Pacific Ocean engagements. The USS New Orleans has a fascinating story that deserves to be remembered. At one point the front third of the ship was knocked off by a friendly ship and while hidden on a remote island the crew fabricated a new bow from palm logs, made it to Australia, then back to the US and then back to escort the Enterprise.

    The story of Taffy 3 is also a fantastic story and one that every American should be familiar with but are not.

    The story of the German submarine U166 & its discovery in 2001 by an oilfield survey. is an interesting one. I found out about it while working in on the D-day museum in New Orleans with a guy from E. Germany who’s dad was injured at Normandy on D-day. He wore a jean jacket with a submarine on the back and the German writing that translated to “U166 Wolf Terror of the Sea”. I looked it up and it was an interesting story. It sunk a passenger ship in S. Louisiana. I also noticed that one of the crew members on the sub had the same last name as my co-worker. When I asked him about it he got embarrassed and never wore the jacket again. I felt it was like an American wearing an Enola Gay jacket in Hiroshima.

    In New Orleans on both sides of Jackson Square are the oldest continually occupied apartments in the U.S. called the Pontalba Apartments. They were built by Madam Pontalba in 1849-1850. She was a mover and shaker in New Orleans during her lifetime. Her story should be made into a movie.

    I love your content. Thanks to you and your wife.

    Lowell McCormick

  12. Back in college in the early seventies I had a professor that claimed his father was war minister for Austria or Hungary as memory serves. He told a story about a radio station on the Polish German border manned by German soldiers. He claimed that the nazis dawned Polish uniforms attacking the station and killing the Germans that were stationed there. He stated that this was a prelude for war. I’ve never read this any place else and a was wondered if it was true. If so, I think you would make an interesting story.

  13. I’ve been asking for some time now. Can Lance do an episode on the Seabees? A separate naval unit. I would be so happy and grateful.

  14. Thanks for your service…just found out you are from the St louis area as well. I was wondering if you have considered doing a story on Adersonville prison Ga. I had at least 2 relatives confined there 1 died and another survived 13 months…my father told me a number of dreadfull stories of horrid conditions,rancid food etc. but also of the miracle of providence spring which happened in August 1864 that probably saved the life of his great uncle as well as many others. As a side note my relative that survived fought for the 7th Tenn.cavalry U.S.captured at Union city Tenn. by Nathan B Forrest
    brutalized along the way by forced march and by rail to Ga. After the war my great grandma (who lived at Big sandy Tenn.) wouldnt let a “democrat” come up in her yard because of their treatment of her brother.
    Stan Greer Bridgeton Mo.

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