Operation Torch and USS Texas

At the outset of World War II, the United States had not developed a doctrine for amphibious operations. The development of that doctrine would be some of the most important lessons of the early war, contributing to future successes. USS Texas would be at the center of that process. It is history that deserves to be remembered.

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  1. Enjoy your shows. My mother’s family has been in America at least as early as 1644 and a number of them loomed large in early Virginia such as Robert Beverley Sr (Bacon’s Rebellion) Robert Beverley Jr (Historian and “Knights of the Golden Horseshoe”) and the Robinson family including John Robinson (Speaker of the House of Burgesses and his elders who were, among other colonial positions, Presidents of the Virginia Council). Here’s a couple of topic ideas. I just watched your Passenger Pigeon episode, how about the changes brought upon by the loss of the American Chestnut tree? Another, Lord Dunmore’s War. Lord Fairfax in Virginia. Princess Catherine Murat (Tallahassee, FL, Kenmore Estate in Fredericksburg, VA, the Lewis and Washington families).

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